Thursday, April 9, 2009

Called the doctor

Bathroom: 0 (not a thing today)
On the scale: 124

I remembered this morning and called in my update to my fabulous GI. I left all the details with the lovely lady who answered the phone and now I wait for any additional instructions. It was good to be able to share all the details with someone who didn't receive them as crazy or complaining! I was able to make her laugh about how my feet felt like the bones were breaking and how all the nasty side effects from the prednisone were turning me into a man. She will get to me at some point today and maybe I will be allowed to add some baby food fruit or something to my poor diet. Fingers crossed. I need a new snack.

This morning I couldn't eat but I did drink an ensure, juice, tea and a shot of espresso. I was hoping the coffee would stimulate my colon into letting go of some wast. No luck but it did seem to make it act up a little so I will continue to have coffee in the morning unless I am told not to.

Not sure how I will spend my day today. There are lots of little projects that I could take on. Not sure if I will. I might start studying for my exam (that I have booked for April 20). I might not. I might just do nothing again but I know that I will be nuts by the end of the day if I do that. I think I might like to knit something. Maybe I should get some wool over the weekend (and some new beeds). Maybe a little research on probiotics. I signed up for the ensure website and I think that qualifies me for some nice coupons! I like coupons.

I started reading a book yesterday. I read half of it. When I am in the middle of a course I can not read anything for pleasure so it is one of my favourite things to do right after I finish a course. The book is called Madness. It is about a woman with Bipolar. This is personally and professionally relevant material to me but I am reading it for entertainment. I have a stack of books that fit this same bill. The next one I read is one that I got for Christmas about a teacher with Tourette syndrome.

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