Monday, April 27, 2009

Back to routine

Bathroom: 1 (huge, four days worth, thank you spinach, thank you sunflower seeds, thank you juice and water, thank you being home in my own bathroom. It was large and came in two parts. The first was snake like, and easy. The second was messy and crampy and painful but such a relief once it was gone. I think there is more)

It is good to be at home. I slept last night under my quilt. The quilt that I made. It took me a decade and I had to pay someone to finish it. My mom took it away from me a couple of weeks ago and delivered it to a lady who happily finished the edges with her machine. I still did most of the work and I am thrilled to have it finished. It is so big and blue and I am so happy. It kept me warm, not hot. It was good.

I have to spend some time today updating all my medical stuff cause I have two appointments this week. One with my GI and another with my GP. My GI is happy with the progress of my colon so I have to figure out what to ask and try to get him to suggest a maintenance plan now that my flare seems to be in remission. I need my GP to help me rebuild my strength, manage the ongoing pred effects and anxiety that I am already more than prone to and to figure out how to best care for myself. I also need him to sign some forms for me since I have no more sick leave and must get some insurance money.

I also need to go to the health food store today to get some supplies. I need more sunflower seeds. They really help me when I need to chew! They haven't caused me any troubles and I think I will continue to nibble on them. I will also talk to the people who work there and see if they recommend anything else.

I have to write a couple of very important emails this morning before I go out regarding references for the jobs I am now applying for since we are relocating. I have other relocation tasks to work on as well.

I have two days until my next courses start so I have to make good use of my time and at the same time, Pook was very ill yesterday and I could end up spending the entire day at the hospital again. I just don't know what to expect.

And around all this, I have to rest, eat small meals that will help my keep "moving" and try not to get too stressed!

Sounds like a good plan!

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