Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ativan is better

Bathroom: 0 -couldn't move a thing this morning
On the scale: 123.5

I slept. My GI suggested that I give up on the traz and try ativan for sleep. He called in a script but it just so happens that I had some in my purse for the moments when anxiety proves to overwhelm due to environmental factors such as stalkers, meetings with angry people or temporarly misplaced files. Anyways, I took an ativan around midnight, fell asleep quickly and didn't wake until lovely boy came by looking for T3's at 6:30. Even more amazing, after he was tended to, I went back to sleep for 2 hours! I have not been able to do that since I started Prednisone over a month ago.

I at toast and apple sauce for breakfast! Hooray. This is a new addition to my terribly limited diet.

Lovely boy has a broken ankle. Looks like two broken bones actually in his left ankle. No driving for at least 2 weeks, has to sit around all weekend, keep his leg elevated and get lots of rest. The poor boy doesn't seem to be enjoying his T3's. They keep coming back up. As if he didn't feel bad enough. He has to go see a surgeon on Friday to check if it will need a pin. For now he is feeling bad that he has to ask for so much help. We will have to get him some games and try to keep him company. He is usually very social and active.

My stomach is gurgling. I am hoping for good things today. I am planning to take Lindsay out to pick up her friend. I haven't attempted anything like that it quite awhile but with two kids needing things today, I feelt he need to try to be helpful and to contribute. I will rest the remainder of the day. I will be a good girl and eat my gruel later.

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