Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And now I take 10

Bathroom: 2 (urgency, first was not very productive but second was. Formed fm with mucus and some d, lots of cramping, discomfort but glad to let it go!)

On the Scale: 128! Good one. I am putting on a little weight.

Happy Days! I am down to 10 prednisone today. That's 50 mgs. Hooray! Gotta celebrate. I am waiting for the side effects to go away and hoping that I stay in remission at the same time. Fingers crossed.

I seem to have forgotten to take my Ativan last night. I actually felt tired at 1:00 a.m. and just turned off the light and went to sleep. Problem was that I woke up really early, before 6:00 a.m. and couldn't get back to sleep. I have to remember to take the pill. I need more sleep than that.

Once I was awake I was back to my overactive state that I have been in the last few days. I got up, made muffins for the family, emptied the dishwasher and otherwise cleaned the kitchen, cleaned some fruit for everyone, and then started to organize my day. I couldn't stop. I did finally sit to count out my meds and realized that I had considerable discomfort in my colon zone. Time to stop. Why do I have so much trouble with that? I ate one muffin and a handful of blueberries and strawberries. I needed fruit.

I am very crampy now. It leaves me wondering what I should be doing. Should I increase my fibre even more now? It seems that my colon is trying to make and keep things moving which is great so I want to put the best things in there to keep things moving. I don't seem to have had any negative effects to the sunflower seeds, spinach, avocado, or sweet potato that I added this week. I only add one thing at a time and I haven't actually been building on these things. I have my basic foods and then add one thing. Obviously, after my berries this morning, I will be on the careful plan the rest of the day.

L.B. has gone to school today. He was hurting but really wanted to go. He doesn't want to get behind and he just can't stand to stay in bed all day. It was driving him crazy. John has gone in to the office this morning. I have a little quiet time while Pook is sleeping. She has not been well so I am not so sure what to expect when she gets up today. We may go to see the doctors about her. She deserves some answers, poor kid. Maybe she will be feeling better.

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  1. That fibre question is a good one - my gut (Haha!) feeling is generally to aviod too much fibre (white bread, skin off fruit and veg, in fact I tend to avoid fruit altogether, white rice etc etc), but you are right - you have got to keep things moving. I find leafy salads are quite useful and plenty of water.