Wednesday, April 8, 2009

All stop

Bathroom: 1 (mucus and blood, very small)
On the scale: 123

So, my system seems to have stopped up again. I am not going and the pressure is building. I have been drinking tea hoping it would stimulate some evacuation. I might try coffee later.

I just prepared a leave form for work. It sort of blows me away that I have been at home sick for so long. I have never missed this much work, or been sick for so long. I feel sort of detached from everything. Life is going on but I am sitting still.

I ate yogurt. Just now. I ate it so that I could say that I ate something. I wasn't hungry but I know I should put something in there. I am trying to increase my fluids today. I don't think I have been paying enough attention to my input the last week and since my weight has dropped a little again, it deserves some care. I asked John to kick my but if he sees me without a drink.

Pook is up early so she can be ready to go to my mom's. She is going to enjoy a little extra TLC and dinner out. I am happy that we have our lovely cleaning lady back this week. She couldn't come last week and I really noticed the difference in the house. She does such a good job and it makes me so happy!

I am taking the day off. From everything. I am not thinking, tidying, organizing or preparing. I am even having trouble typing.

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