Tuesday, April 28, 2009

8 pred, 2 A's, 1 GP

Bathroom: 3 (some solid ending with painful crampy messy stuff and mucus. Feeling like I need to go all day. Gotta love that urgency!)

Went to see my GP today. He had reports from the GI to review and then we assessed my overall health. I am so much more than just a poorly behaved colon you know! The colon and prednisone make things complicated so we are sort on hold to see how things play out. My history suggests a need for concern over anxiety and depression but both are affected by pred so we will get a consult from a specialist before we put any more meds in my system. In the meantime, I am off work for a while longer as I try to build back some strength and get over the prednisone side effects. I am really looking forward to the joint pain leaving me, being able to sleep again and feeling like eating when I am hungry rather than just wanting to chew and swallow all the freakin time. I am lucky. I have a great doctor who treats the whole patient. He also cares for my daughter.

I have been crampy most of today and I am not sure if it is something that I snuck in my diet yesterday. I took a trip to the health food store cause I was running low on sunflower seeds and I wanted to pick up a couple of treats for a friend. While I was there, I picked out some snack things that I thought I might be able to eat. I only tried 4 bites of one. The other thing I did different was eat a muffin yesterday and this morning with some flax seed and a couple of berries. I have been trying to add a little bit of fibre each day (as directed by my GI) but there weren't any guidelines so I am guessing and trying to do enough to benefit from without doing too much. I have no idea what I am doing. I am guessing. I look each idea up on the internet and hope that I get it right. I am trying to drink more water.

This is also the first day at 8 pred (40 mgs). So I could just be getting accustomed to a lower dose. Only time will tell.

I was going to have pasta tonight but I might have to settle for some potatoes and chicken just to let things settle. Not sure what to do.

All of my marks are in from the last courses and I earned an "A" in each. I am now getting reading for the next round. The semester actually starts tomorrow. I spent the afternoon printing and setting up my binders etc to get started tomorrow. I have to figure out what time of day I can think. Right now I am not sure. I can't think now. I have to get sleeping better I think. I will try tomorrow morning after the boys leave and while Pook is still sleeping.

I do have to remember that I see my GI tomorrow though for a regular appointment. I am not sure what he will do other than say that he is glad things are moving forward. I want an idea of where we will go from here. I want to know what sort of maintenance plan he is thinking for me. Will there be any other meds other than the 5ASA enema? I don't even know what to ask him. He is so busy and he forgets from one visit to the next or one conversation to the next and then I feel like he hasn't answered the question correctly because he wasn't considering all the information. Grrrrr. I think I will try to make to a list. I am so new to this.

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