Wednesday, April 22, 2009

10 Take 2

Bathroom: 0 (couldn't produce a thing this morning. I am being punished for the M&M fiasco that I allowed to occur. I am gurgly and full and I still feel the urgency.)

Good news today inclues a final mark in my masters course. Looks like the final mark will be a nice solid A. I am just slightly sad that I missed the A+ by 1.2 marks (crap that was close) but I am not going to dwell. I am pleased with this result. I worked hard and I did it during my first really bad UC flare. Now I am just waiting for the exam result but I don't expect to get that before May.

I celebrated with more berries for breakfast with yogurt and a little muffin. Keeping my eating on track is important now. I don't need to take too many chances right now as I am tapering off the prednisone. I have to stay healthy for Pook, in order to get back to work and to start the many tasks involved with packing, selling, moving, and job searching. I can feel my heart rate increase just listing all that.

Simplify. For today I will do a little research regarding a job I have an interest in. I will also prepare a piece of work for one of my present coworkers. She has been waiting for this for months as I have been home sick. Short checklists make this manageable. Deep breathing and a little walk on the wii fit board might help too.

I am still trying to think of a good snack for when I get the munchies. Maybe I will go over to Rainbow foods and see if they can make some suggestions. They are so helpful there.

It is also chicken roasting day. Can't live without my chicken!

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