Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday morning

Bathroom: 0 (just enema waste this morning) I feel like I want to go but I can't produce.

I had a good sleep! I took my pills, found something not to interesting on the tv and then John wrapped his arm around me and I was gone. I think I got a good 6 hours. Hooray!

That sleep will help me to get some things done today. It's easier to concentrate when your rested. I have two school things that I want to complete today. One is an interview, the other is a self evaluation. And, time willing, I need to do more reading for my final paper.

I am excited about my hair cut. I am going at 10. I admit I am a little anxious about going out and having to sit there and I suspect that I will not feel so great after but damn I will look a little better!

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