Thursday, March 19, 2009

Slow to get going

On the Scale: 129
Bathroom: 3 so far (2:00, 8:30, 10:30) mostly just d (which is a definite improvement) with some urgency

I didn't sleep last night. I took my sleeping pill and then lay staring at the dark until 2:00. Then I turned the light back on a read a chapter of my text book. Still couldn't sleep. Did a little more school work, looked around on line, bought a book, played a game of facebook and then shut it all down again. By this point, John was awake so he rubbed my back to help me to settle. I didn't go to sleep right away but I stayed put after all his efforts. I went to sleep sometime around 5:00. This morning I have been off to a slow start.

I at apple pie for breakfast. I picked up this tiny pie at the grocery store last weekend hoping it would entice me to eat. I think I managed to eat a little more this morning so I am going to call it a success. I also had a little yogurt to chase down the handful of pills.

Today I have a sore throat, my nose hurts and is bloody, my gurgle and rumble continues, I am crampy, my skin is really dry and nasty and I don't care. I was told this morning that I look a little better and that goes a long way. It is good.

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  1. Apple Pie is soo good. I'm sorry about your sore throat. My nose gets 'bloody' around this time of year too because it gets so dry. Things will get better. Bye!