Friday, March 20, 2009

Slow lazy afternoon

Bathroom: 2 times - m and d. cramping.

I spent the afternoon in bed. I didn't even open a book. I was supposed to be writing a paper but I just couldn't concentrate. I feel sort of dull and uninterested.

I did contact work and gave an update. I also had the pleasure of a milk shake which was made for me by my lovely daughter. I couldn't drink it all but it was very good.

John came home a little early and took a nap. It was nice to have the company.

My sore throat is still sore. My shoulder and back still hurts.

Going to sit downstairs for awhile. John is making hamburgers for dinner. My idea. Hoping they will be as good and as palatable as I think they will be. He makes a mean burger. I think I can manage the meat.

My goals for tonight include watching Ghost Whisperer with Lindsay, playing a little guitar with John and writing a little bit of my paper. Wish me luck!

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