Tuesday, March 24, 2009


On the Scale: 126
Bathroom: 0 (except to pee). I can't pass anything. Not even gas. No gurgles.

I still feel bloated. I haven't eaten any solid food since yesterday morning (is yogurt a solid food?) I drank another ensure this morning and some juice and now I am fasting in preparation for the 1:00 colonoscopy. I am burping.

I am not so thrilled to be doing this again. I am just thinking that after this, we will have a better plan and I will really start to get better and I will start to enjoy eating again. Thankfully, I do remember the good drugs and that is keeping me calm.

Spring is playing shy the last couple of days. Our temperatures are around -11 and almost make it to 0 in the afternoon. It is brilliantly sunny though and that is cheery. It is actually easier to stay inside, in bed, when the weather isn't fantastic. Maybe spring is waiting for me.

I think I will print out the next week of course work for my class in prep for tomorrow. That way, no matter how I feel, I will be able to get some work done. I also have to start my last paper for this semester. I actually did my outline yesterday. I have lots of reading to do.

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