Friday, March 27, 2009


Bathroom: 0 - absolutely nothing
On the Scale: 126

No changes in the way I feel. Nothing is moving.

Today, I am sticking as close to a liquid diet as possible. I don't have room to fit any more solids in. I will enjoy jello and Popsicles, ensure and broth, and if I become truly desperate to chew, I will pop a tablespoon of rice in my broth. I will be master of my colon!

I am set up to start on my last paper. I have brought a printer into my room and set it up beside my bed. I am printing out all the journal articles that I need to read. I know this may not be the most environmentally friendly method, but I can not get the same level of comprehension from my readings if I can't write in the margins. I guess I am a little stuck in the past.

My sister is coming to eat her lunch here today. I will watch her. She will make me laugh. She might even bring along a dvd or two for me to watch this weekend. Her company is putting a happy smile on my face.

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  1. Hello! Yeah, when I was doing the Specific Carb Diet, it did work, but it's very slow. I should be sticking to it more strictly, but it is a VERY hard diet to follow. I still don't have dairy and I stay away from real spicy stuff. Taking probiotics and losing weight has helped a bunch though. I'm hoping by losing another 16 pounds, I'll become symptom free!

    I hope your symptoms get better as well!