Saturday, March 21, 2009

Made it home

Bathroom: 3 the usual now is m and d. Very crampy.

I feel like I have been successful! I was able to go shopping with Lindsay and do the exchanges and bring her home with new shoes on her feet! Hooray for us!

I did not use the bathroom in the mall. I think it is only sheer willpower that kept me from it. From the moment we were in the car, until the time we got home, I wanted to go. I rumbled, gurgled and cramped but I remained in control. I don't know how good this actually is since one of my problems has always been not going enough. It is probably better to let it out when it wants but at least I felt successful. We did cut it short and I am so glad that John took us so I didn't have to drive. That would have been too much.

I didn't buy anything for me. That is a sign! I went into 6 shoe stores and didn't get any. I walked past my favourite stores and didn't go in. No retail therapy is gonna help me right now. Maybe next week? The good news is that I will fit very well into last summers clothes with all of this weight loss. I don't think I will need much.

So I am back on the bed, with my feet up and I am trying to get some juice into me. I am watching the Arsenal match and thinking about my paper which has to be done and sent tomorrow night.

It was lovely to get outside. The sunshine was cheery. So much of the snow has melted and there are little sprigs of green. Thinking about the summer. Dreaming about the summer. Good thoughts.


  1. Arsenal? Somehow I'd assumed you were in the States, until reading this post. Is it safe now to presume you're in the UK? If so, perhaps you could resolve a mystery for me: what do zigzagging white road lines mean? :)

  2. Ha! I am in Canada, living in a house full of footballers (not the AFL or the CFL). I got sucked in!

    I am not sure about those damn lines. Makes me think the road crew stopped at the pub on the way to work.