Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Made alot of bad choices today

Bathroom: 1 (tiny mucus and salofalk ball) - lots of cramping and pain all day. I am so tired tonight.

I had a great dinner. Ate some chicken and potatoes from the other night. Ate too much and have been feeling crappy since but I was really enjoying the feeling of chewing and having food in my mouth. It was a sensory experience that I just couldn't give up. The heartburn alone could kill me.

Add the eating too much to the being up too much and that is just two too many not so good decisions. I will have to do better tomorrow.

I had a good evening though. Pook and I watched another episode of Dead Like Me and then I called my friend in another city and we had a good long chat. She is having difficult times too. It is good to listen to her troubles and share mine. Mutual support. I need it. It helps.

I did a little bit of reading and school work but I am behind schedule now. Time to buckle down and get it done so that I don't end up with extra stress.

I think I am developing sores in the corners of my mouth. First the right side hurt, now tonight it is tender on the left side as well. Not sure what this is. Maybe ulcers in my mouth? God. Did I mention how big the circles are under my eyes today? My skin is discoloured and scaly on my face and the hair... damn.

Ok, pitty party over.
Moving on.

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