Monday, March 16, 2009


I ate some dinner. Lucky for me I really like simple foods so giving up some of the things that I love hasn't been as hard as it could be. Most of the time I just don't feel hungry. I ate a bowl of rice and chicken while my fabulous daughter and partner ate curry. John makes really good curry but I knew that wouldn't be a good idea for me. He made the chicken for me two nights ago and it is so good I could eat it again tomorrow.

I am uncomfortable now. I ate too much. I need to learn to pay closer attention. I am also gurgling and rumbling again like last night which led to a long sleepless night. I feel like I need to go but I can't. I think I will fight back tonight with a sleeping pill. Maybe a good sleep will help.

The nurse didn't get back to me this afternoon so I will check in with them tomorrow. In this case, no news means no changes. I do need to call my boss. She has been so supportive and understanding. They aren't expecting me back this week but I want to keep her informed.

My daughter, Pook, continues to step forward to be helpful despite her own health. She just turned 13 and has been dealing with her own serious medical problems for over a year.

Two more trips to the bathroom. Both small m,b,d and pain.

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