Thursday, March 19, 2009

Had company!

Bathroom: 2 more times due to urgency but no movement, gurgling continues, cramps etc.

Friends came for a visit. My best friend since grade 5 (that's about 30 years ago) came over with her kids today so we all got to have some social time. It was nice. She listened to my whining and then we were able to chat and it was so nice and normal. Thanks you guys! Lindsay and her daughter have always been friends so it was great for them too. Her youngest is such a cute little man that I could just sit back and watch him all day. He is a bundle of energy and make believe.

I haven't been able to do any work today. I am just too tired to focus. So I have decided to give my self permission to rest today so that I can finish the work tomorrow. Maybe I will do a little research and see just how many sleeping pills I can safely take tonight. I think I am okay to take two at a time.

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