Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Bathroom: 0 - blocked and bloating again

Took a bath and for the first time all day didn't feel any pain. I soaked up to my ears in hot water with epsom salts. I felt like I had room inside my body for all my parts thanks to the effects of the water.

This happened at the end of a long afternoon. I was feeling so terrible when John got home and I just wanted some relief. I totally let go and the tears came and that helped too. He brought me some jello, found the epsom salts and enabled my bath time.

He is now playing nurse maid to two of us. Getting us stuff to eat. Keeping us quiet.

We are all lucky because we had our magical cleaning lady here today so the house is clean and lovely.

I am just gald to be back in bed, even with the cramps starting.

That was a glorious 30 minutes that I intend to take again tomorrow.

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