Saturday, March 21, 2009

Evening at home

Bathroom: 4 (the usual) crampy

John has gone out for the evening to be a rock and roll star in the basement band. He earned it. He needed to do it. My guitar playing is so terrible that I am not much company even when I feel good.

Lindsay had company this evening. Her best friend from school came over which was super cool. Lindsay hasn't had a lot of friend time lately since we don't live in the neighbourhood and she hasn't gone to school since January. She will probably be wiped tomorrow but sometimes it is worth it to have a little fun. Kids need to have fun!

And me. I am home. I have done a little writing (only enough to say that I did some, I really haven't accomplished much which means tomorrow will really suck) and practiced guitar for half an hour. I have played on facebook and now it looks like I have come full circle back to writing. Ugh.

John made us a chicken pasta dish for dinner so I was able to eat fairly well. I have had quite a bit of pain today in the left top corner. Not good. Something I ate yesterday is not making me happy. Wish I knew what it was. I also ate two sticks of a kitkat bar and it was almost good. Chocolate hasn't been tasting good to me for weeks. Ouch. Today I have pain. I wonder if a bath would help?

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