Thursday, March 19, 2009

Difficult day

Bathroom: 3 times. d and m, only a little blood one time

I just don't feel like I have any energy. I am really tired, my joints ache, my gums hurt, my back and belly hurt. It's not been a great day.

I haven't heard back from the doctors office so I am not sure if things are going the way they should. The slow down on the blood has to be good. Hopefully next week will start a big turn around and I will be able to start tapering off the prednisone, get some energy and go back to work.

I ate chicken and potatoes tonight from the shawarma place cause that is our usual Thursday night dinner. I even snuck in a couple of bits of lettuce. I want to eat vegetables! I hope I am not sorry for this. There may have been a little garlic sauce and humus mixed in with the chicken to make it palitable.

Every part of my skin is dry and my face feels scaley. The skin on my feet is getting noticably thicker and dryer and my hands hurt from the dryness. This must be from the loss of fluids. I don't see any of this noted as side effects.

I have to go out tomorrow to take Lindsay to a medical appointment. Hopefully, she comes home feeling better and I am okay too.

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