Saturday, March 28, 2009


Bathroom: 0 (zip, zero, zilch) The cramping continues, the pain continues and there is occasional rumbles and gurgles. I had one brief moment when I thought I felt urgency and then it was gone.

I have pains in my joints. My ankles, knees and left hip hurt. No sure if this is from all the lying around or what. It was an amazingly beautiful spring day and so I went out briefly. The longer I was up and about the worse the cramping got and the more pain I felt in abs and lower back. I am really uncomfortable under my ribs.

While I was in the shower today I could see tadpoles swimming around in my eyes. Obviously not real tadpoles, just shapes that looked like them.

I had a really good dinner. John called his mom and got the recipe for Congee. This is ground beef and rice with some mild spices that cooks for hours. It turns out like a porridge but it tastes really nice and is easy to digest. I actually ate two ladles full. Despite this, I am sad to report that I am unable to watch the good cooking and food shows that Iusually love.

We sat in the dark for an hour tonight for Earth hour. We were proud to participate.

Oh, yes, and I look like crap!

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