Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Bathroom: 1 (enema, mucus, and something dark coloured -fm or blood - I don't know) tiny

I got my hair cut. Hooray! Took off two inches and a bunch of dried nasty frizz. I sat for an hour, had my hair washed, enjoyed some light chit chat and felt pampered. It was good. I couldn't stay to get it styled. I was done after the hour. But I am not at all dissapointed. I am very happy.

I am very sore. I have definitely pushed past my comfort zone. I just sat at my dresser and straightened my unruly mop and that was just a little stupid. My back is aching and my gut is rumbling and cramping. I know. Not my brightest idea. Damn.

So I am back in bed with a tea and the remote control. I wanted to do some school work but I can't concentrate until I feel a little better.

I am thinking about Chris today. He had his surgery yesterday. I hope he is recovering well and standing at the beginning of new and incredible things. He chose a murderous end for his traitorous colon after fighting a long battle. This was his way to win the war. I think he has made a very good choice for his life.

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