Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Company is so helpful

Bathroom: 1 m,b - lots of gurgling and rumbling and movement but not producing anything. crampy and uncomfortable.

My mom came to visit. It was nice. We discussed my health, my daughters health, my mom's recent vacation and she has offered to come back on Friday to help me get some laundry done. She also took my quilt with her. It is nearly finished and just needs the outside edge done. I just don't have it in me to complete t so she is going to take it in to shop close to her home and ask them to finish it for me. I hope they have the time. It will be so nice to have it done. She brought me some chicken noodle soup and good conversation.

Lindsay had to cancel her teacher again today. She doesn't feel well with a bad headache and nausea. She is in bed for the day. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

We are planning a little family birthday celebration for Sunday. My sister is going to bring cake. My mom and step dad will come over and we will sing for the three March birthday girls.

I am having an orange Popsicle for lunch.

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