Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Hmmm. Not much going on here. I mean really. I am rumbling and uncomfortable, nauseated and have no appetite. I feel things moving around in there and I feel lots of pressure. I am so bloated but it is like part of my colon is not receiving the message to empty. I don't want to complain because the urgency wasn't fun, but not going isn't so good either.

I have been two more times since this morning. I have to relax and meditate. I expel a little. All three still present b,m,d.

John came home for lunch and told me that I looked a little better today. My face looks a little younger and there is a little colour in my cheeks. I know what that means. It means the prednisone is starting to change my face! Last time I looked 'younger' was when a medication caused a drastic weight gain... suddently I was 21 again (really in my mid 30's at the time). No matter what is going on, it is nice not to look so sick. I looked pretty terrible over the last couple of weeks. So much that I stopped looking.

Haven't eaten since breakfast when I ate yogurt. I am not hungry.

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