Thursday, March 26, 2009


Bathroom: 0 - nothing. Bloating, cramping, squeezing pain continues. Couldn't I have a little middle ground?

Finished my weeks worth of readings today and posted on the forums. That leaves me clear to work on my last paper for this semester tomorrow. I have a lot of reading and writing to do and two weeks in which to do it. No worries. It will be good.

I ate rice tonight with a little bit of well cooked pork. Then I enjoyed a delicious orange Popsicle, a glass of water and 6 M&M's that tasted like crap (because that is one of the cool jokes being played on me at the moment since I am encouraged to eat chocolate). I am now sipping ginger ale. I love ginger ale.

John has gone out for the evening. There was a band playing and a few of his friends were going and he really deserved to have some fun. I am glad he went. I am glad he texted me from the show. I am glad he missed me!

Pook looks a little better tonight although she says she feels just as bad. It is good to hear a little enthusiasm in her voice and I could hear her giggling.

I am beginning to accept that I will be here for awhile.

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